I help women with candida overgrowth to calm anxiety so they can boost energy and focus, and actively live a life they love.

Kaisha Lawrence

I help women with candida overgrowth to calm anxiety so they can boost energy and focus, and actively live a life they love.

Kaisha Lawrence

Areas of Expertise

  • Graduate of HealthWorks Institute

  • Graduate of The Upledger Institute

  • Graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

  • Graduate of The Health Professional Academy

After years of unknown symptoms and debilitating fatigue, Kaisha finally broke free from her soul sucking life when she calmed her candida overgrowth. She now empowers other women struggling with exhaustion, anxiety, and cravings to regain their energy, focus, and stability so they can actively live a life they love.

My Story

At mid-life I found myself exhausted, frustrated, overwhelmed, and craving a lot of sugar. My fatigue was debilitating, and I wasn't focusing well in any area of my life. I could keep it together, on the surface, during work, but my poor family took the brunt of me when I got home. I felt like I was constantly yelling, feeling resentful and impatient with them. And then the guilt sets in... I had to find another way; this wasn’t the way I wanted to live; this wasn’t living at all!

One of the greatest gifts in my journey was to find other women who felt alienated, ashamed, and exhausted too. Women who understood. Otherwise, it seemed like everyone around me had it all together. NOT ME! I constantly felt tired, fed up, and overwhelmed. Now, in contrast, I have lasting energy and can remain calm and clear no matter what comes my way.

Through the healing process, I learned:

- I wasn't looking for another diet.

- I wasn't broken or damaged.

- My symptoms and emotions are invitations to heal.

- I can have true and lasting joy and grace in this body.

- There is no going back, only going through.

- It takes guts to have grace.​

Calming Candida Starter Kit Includes

  • A Short Candida Quiz

I promise, everything is ok. Take a breath and get curious about what's right with you.

  • 8 Action Steps You Can Take Now

Hooray! Easy daily steps that point you in the right direction.

  • 7 Day New Habit Tracker

This 7 day habit tracker helps you see what's working and where to point to next.

Sara S.

"My A1c is down 6 points, my psoriasis is better, I am losing weight, I have an overall sense of calm and wellness. I feel happy. My doctor took me off my pre-diabetes medication. Thank you Kaisha!"

Livie O.

"The brain fog has lifted, I don't have an afternoon slump, and my joints don't ache anymore. I also lost 12 pounds."

Jane H.

"I feel great, lots of energy, good sleep, and very happy. Thank you."

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